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Collapse The Fat

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Lose The Weight

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Keep It Off

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Collapse The Fat

Fat Cells never go away, but you can shrink them with a proper diet. Your plan is unique to you based on your situation.

Lose The Weight

As you shrink fat cells the weight will fall away and you will feel healthier. Our program gives you the tools you need to lose weight.

Keep It Off

We do not leave you after you finish the program. We help you create a long term plan and will be here when you need that extra bit of support.

What Factors Help People Lose Weight Fast?

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To lose weight fast, it is important to work with certified nutritionists to burn and collapse fat without losing muscle tissue.

Lose Weight Fast by Overcoming Obstacles with Smaller U Weightloss Tools

For most, a half a pound to two pounds a week is a realistic goal. Others are more aggressive and are committed to losing 10 pounds in a month. It is important to work with a certified nutritionist and fitness professionals because losing weight from burning and collapsing fat is better than losing muscle tissue. Despite our best intentions and efforts, our bodies naturally work to hold on to weight and have an energy source. That said, when we want to get skinny, we can overcome the body’s efforts at keeping its weight, and with Smaller U Weightloss we can lose weight fast.  

Metabolism, lifestyle, hormones, a weight loss plateau, and age are factors affecting how people can lose weight fast and keep the weight off forever. Yes, many variables are impacting our ability to lose excess weight and maintain a new and healthy body. In this article, we unpack just a few of the many factors that affect weight loss success. We can help you learn so much in our articles, you are going to want to be the one to help others and get skinny with family and friends as well.  

At Smaller U Weightloss, we work with our members who lose weight on customized nutrition plans that account for all the factors that help people lose weight fast and maintain their new healthier weight.  

How a Metabolic Rate Affects Weight Loss

Everyone has their own Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which reflects how many calories your body needs to function at a resting state. A BMR, also called metabolism, is a function of one’s height, weight, age, and gender. An increase in lean muscle and fat reduction creates an increase in metabolism. This can explain why fit people with lean muscle seem to be able to eat without gaining weight, in part because they have a high metabolism. The greatest impact on metabolism is current body mass (current weight). The good news is the more a person weighs, the quicker their metabolic rate is, and the nutritionist at Smaller U Weightloss takes this into account in preparing individual weight loss programs.  

Natural aging affects metabolism. Women at the age of 30 start experiencing a slower metabolic rate, for example. In addition to eating right to lose weight, activity and exercise are great for increasing metabolism, which makes it easier to lose weight and keep it off by maintaining healthy habits. Studies show that both weightlifting and cardiovascular workouts are effective in boosting metabolism. Even walking an hour a day around the neighborhood can help increase BMR to lose weight fast.  

Food can also affect metabolism. Eating foods with the right balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Working with a Smaller U Weightloss Nutritionist is important when losing weight to keep it off for good. Your Smaller U Weightloss Program identifies the right foods to eat and which to avoid when losing weight and boosting metabolism.  

Runners World Article: 5 Foods That Slow Your Metabolism

How Lifestyle Affects Being Able to Lose Weight Fast

As noted about metabolic rate, those who weigh the most can see the quickest measurable results because their metabolic rate is high. Likewise, lifestyle changes affect weight loss rates. If for example, someone who normally does not exercise, starts regular cardio or weight lifting, they will experience quicker results than someone who already has an active lifestyle full of a variety of exercise. Therefore, someone who is 15 pounds overweight who works out regularly, might have a long road to lose those last 15 pounds, when compared to someone who is 50 pounds overweight who just started exercising and eating right.  

When focusing on lifestyle and its impact on weight loss, there is more to consider than nutrition and exercise. Specifically, sleep quality and stress management are important factors to lose weight fast, among others. When people have difficulty with yo-yo weight loss and gain, it could have something to do with stress and sleep among other lifestyle factors. As mentioned in the article, Alcohol and Weight: Why Drinking Slows Weight Loss, beer, wine, and liquor affect fat burning and collapsing mode but that is not all; alcohol affects sleep and stress. So, when concerned about metabolism and weight loss, avoiding alcohol will help because the quality of sleep will improve, and stress should decrease.  

Did you know that people who sleep fewer than seven hours a night are likely to have slower metabolisms? Make sure to get enough sleep to keep a prime metabolic rate!

Hormones Affect Weight Loss in Women

Many agree it is not fair for men to quit drinking beer and quickly drop weight while women work that much harder at weight loss and management. The truth is that among other things such as metabolism, which is different for men and women, hormones can have a greater effect on female weight loss.  

Hormones work in the body as chemical messengers that affect bodily functions including weight loss. Cortisol is a common hormone we hear about when it comes to weight loss. Back to stress and lifestyle factors, increased stress can cause cortisol to spike and interrupt weight loss efforts. Talking to a physician is a good idea when concerned about hormonal imbalance, the symptoms thereof, and what can be done to get hormone levels back in balance.  

Healthline Article: Hormonal Imbalance: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis

Do Not Allow a Plateau Prevent Losing Weight Fast  

Anyone who researches weight loss likely runs into information about the dreaded weight loss plateau. After the quick weight loss and measurable results, the progress can slow down, and people can get stuck at a certain weight and do not lose any more weight. This is a frustrating effect called weight loss plateau. Simply, the body wants to store weight for energy instead of losing weight. Many factors influence a weight loss plateau including decreases in food intake because the body needs calories to burn calories so by not eating enough the body slows down its metabolic rate.  

Weight loss plateaus when we want to lose weight fast can also be psychological. If one gets frustrated with a naturally-occurring plateau, it can be easy to cheat on the food and exercise plans which prevents someone from breaking through the weight loss plateau. Too often, people just think they can never lose more weight than their plateau and should just accept their fate. Not at Smaller U Weightloss, we will not let you down, and we want you to tell us when experiencing the frustration of a weight loss plateau because after breaking past it and losing more weight, the overwhelming feeling of success provides the satisfaction to always keep healthy habits and stay empowered, long-term.  

Lose Weight Fast with the Proper Exercise Plan

At Smaller U Weightloss, everyone gets a personalized weight loss program, and it covers not only food and nutrition, but also exercise. Your nutritionist will provide instructions about how to work out the right way to lose weight and keep it off for good. The plan might initially be based on cardio and later, weights. Aerobic exercise from cardio workouts helps burn calories and increase heart health. When losing weight, some of the weight loss is going to naturally come from muscle. As we noted earlier, muscle loss affects metabolism and slows down future weight loss. But do not worry if your weight loss program is more cardio-focused at first because your certified nutritionist has the right plan to get to the measured results that can last forever with new healthier habits to maintain a healthier weight into the future.  

Why Losing Weight Fast Now, Helps Keep Weight Management Easier with Age

Age is something we cannot control. Age affects weight loss. When we grow older, it becomes more difficult to lose weight, and it takes longer. Loss of muscle that naturally occurs with aging has a direct effect on metabolism, which also slows with age. For these reasons, and these challenges can be overcome, it is important to lose extra weight before another birthday comes and goes.  

Keeping weight off at a younger age makes it easier to maintain that healthier weight with age. Just like the weight loss plateau can be overcome, so can the challenges that affect our ability to lose weight fast and keep it off. Adjusting a diet rich in muscle-building protein, along with the right exercise and strength training plan allows aging adults to break past the age-related muscle loss and a slower metabolism.  

Lifetime access to Smaller U Weightloss nutritional advisors is so valuable because as the years go by, diet and exercise plans can be adjusted to meet new goals. Learn more about the features and benefits of a Smaller U Weightloss program.

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