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Collapse The Fat

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Lose The Weight

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Keep It Off

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Collapse The Fat

Fat Cells never go away, but you can shrink them with a proper diet. Your plan is unique to you based on your situation.

Lose The Weight

As you shrink fat cells the weight will fall away and you will feel healthier. Our program gives you the tools you need to lose weight.

Keep It Off

We do not leave you after you finish the program. We help you create a long term plan and will be here when you need that extra bit of support.

Seven Best Times When to Start Working on Better Health?

Valerie Maclin
A woman making a healthy choice for food
The irony in working on better health choices, namely eating, and exercising, we are doing what we always should have been doing and were all likely taught to know better.

Wondering When to Start Working on Better Health? Here are Seven Kickoff Excuses

Every day, and every time one asks when to start working on better health, the answer is now. Yesterday the answer that often comes in second. People think working on improving health and self-care in their lifestyle requires a major restart event. It gets described as the most overwhelming experience, and people have strong reactions to proper health. The irony in working on better health choices, namely eating, and exercising, we are doing what we always should have been doing and were all likely taught to know better.

As you enjoy our anecdotal excuses available to get yourself back on track, make a new rule that it is okay to let yourself off the hook for not making the best health choices. The good news is the penalty is already paid and the only thing left to think about is what better health choices you will make starting now.

1. Every Time You Want to Lose Weight and Be in Shape

Summer is the season for family and neighborhood gatherings which means running into all the people you know who got fit and who got fat. It seems like there isn’t anything in life left to talk about that isn’t designed to trigger people one way or the other, so we tend to joke about how much COVID weight we gained or how we need to get back to the gym. Just based on the statistics of knowing more than three people, the topic of losing weight and getting back in shape comes up in conversation.

Healthline: The Best Exercises to Lose Weight and Stay Active

How we chose to deal with it is up to us, it is always appropriate to compliment and comment to be supportive of others. Do we need to reference our health and self-image in the process of recognizing another’s good deeds? Surely not but be ready in any case because we can help get you prepared at Smaller U Weightloss to start working on better health and permanent weight loss.

2. Monday Mornings Are Great to Start the Week Off Right with Better Health

Every Monday morning is the beginning of a new week to do everything perfectly, or to which at least intend. The reason try and try again works is because every time we try we are building new habits. After a few times, we start doing our new healthy things on auto pilot and instead of looking at things in terms of what we are doing to lose weight, we can look at our daily routines and realize that we successfully built new healthier habits and are hopefully seeing great results.

Harvard Medical School: Did We Really Gain Weight During the Pandemic?

Exercising in the mornings, however one can, is a great way to get the body moving and start the week with a clean slate, especially if the weekend tended to be indulgent. A Monday morning walk is the easiest way to start working on getting in shape. Download a walking app to track the calories you are going to burn, find some music or a podcast to listen to, and head out on your walk, as long as you may like, and enjoy your healthy start to the week. At the end of that walk, the app will show how many calories were burned and that is a measurable result of hard work that can be tracked on the road to success.

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3. Before the Upcoming Event Where You Can Look Great and Have More Energy

Surprise, you were just invited to one of your best friend’s weddings and it’s going to be a destination wedding on a beach somewhere beautiful and warm. You are reacting to the news with outward joy and inward horror as you realize you have nothing to wear, and the thought of beachwear makes you secretly hope an act of God happens and changes those wedding plans. Instead of thinking about yourself, focus on your friend and get ready to look good for their beach wedding.

Brides Magazine: Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Destination Wedding

You heard about Smaller U Weightloss programs, and the nutritious food and support from nutritionists and are skeptical they can help you get ready in time. Guess what, it is true, and we can help you. Collapsing fat is something you might have tried before without success, but when you follow a custom Smaller U Weightloss program, you can achieve your goals in time for the wedding, another upcoming event, or just because you want to look fantastic and know it.

4. Preparing for Milestone Birthdays Includes Getting into Healthy Gear for Good

Saying you are going to lose weight by the time you turn 35, 40, 45, 50, or whatever age, it is common to set milestone birthday goals. Weight loss can also come about when we make decisions to change other consumption habits such as stopping drinking or smoking cigarettes; reading notes on withdrawals from anything, proper diet and exercise is a common recommendation. By setting and keeping goals connected to dates, we can use the accomplishment of one goal to be the stepping stone to another goal, knowing if we can do one, we can do more, and maybe we can do it all. As you work on starting over as often as necessary, start collecting achieved goals and feel good about milestone birthdays, always looking forward.

5. The Day You Realize You Have a Chance to Turn Bad Health and Diet Around Forever

Watching food documentaries can be encouraging and daunting all at once. You might never want to eat again after watching some of them so isn’t that helpful to start working on better health? All joking aside, it is true, and we are learning how well the body responds to good health and proper diet and exercise. It doesn’t matter how many bad things you ate before and whether they are going to harm you long-term, because when you focus on quality food and a healthy body, your cells are at work, and they don’t need to be reminded of what you did last Friday night. You are never defined by who you once were or thought you were.

6. The Moment You Read the Article About Being Unable to Outrun a Bad Diet

How much time did I spend not getting results because I wasn’t eating right? Did I get anything out of those workouts? If these sound like familiar questions, be pleased to know how further ahead someone is who has a workout habit than one who does not know or like the gym. Being that much further in the direction of results, you can tweak your diet and start eating the correct clean and whole foods your Smaller U Weightloss program calls for and start shedding weight, collapsing fat, and seeing permanent results.

7. When You Relearn the Power of Whole and Clean Food to Heal Our Mind and Body

Food should be simple to recognize and understand. When your body consumes an apple, it knows exactly what to do with the nutrients. However, an apple-flavored snack candy might contain ingredients your body doesn’t know what to do with, so it stores the unknown as fat. Processed foods and chemicals in the process of creating foods and food additives are the problems. Sugar is processed food and the culprit of many failures in the quest to get fit.

Eat foods that easily grow from a vine, plant, or tree. Eat eggs, eat fish, eat some chicken. Eat foods that do not require significant processing. It takes some time to learn what is processed and should be avoided when it is time to start working on better health.

Smaller U Weightloss Programs Are Ready for Anyone, Regardless of Which of Our Seven Excuses Are the Reason it is Time to Start Working on Better Health and Permanent Weight Loss